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These are the farts heard around the world…!!!!
The Fart App life changing experience you’ve been waiting for!!!!
Whether you have totally embraced a life long passion ... the fine art to fart, or you're just a weekend dabbler, these are the farts dreams are made of, or rather… nightmares!!! So crank up the volume, grab a cold glass of onion soda, sit back and join in as you listen in full spectrum Farto-Sonic® fidelity to such all-time fart classics as:

Track 40 PizzaBoy Delivery Fart
Track 45 Red-eye-New Delhi to Katmandu in flight peanuts recently promoted co-pilot fart.
Track 51 Grim reaper death fart.
Track 53 Mexico City 6 o’clock News Anchorman and Weather girl, 5:59 quesadilla fart. Track 98 Grave diggers real estate agent’s artificially inseminated wiener dog fart.
Compare old fart rivalries ...

NY Thin Crust Pizza farts
Chicago deep dish pizza farts.

Cheeseburger Farts
Cheeseburger with Fries farts.

Explore the exotic ...
From a recently impregnated black widow spider fart (they eat their mates after breeding) to Bali’s Komodo Dragon fart.
Food combining ...
Take a typical American favorite like spoiled tinned luncheon meat and combine it with raw African Dung Beetle.
Experience the simple fart pleasures in life.
From a trip to the dentist fart ... to casual bowel surgery fart ... to Indian Ocean deep water farts from inside a dive suit.
This is the Fart App that has it all ...
What you will hear, may shock you. At times you may be tempted to turn away, try not to. If it were not for the brave young men and women, who have dedicated their time and lives to this project, pioneers, great adventurers, kindred souls, this project would have been just a lot of hot air.
We will make every effort to insure the money made from this App will go directly into the pockets of these brave men and women so that they may continue their research and hopefully come up with Volume 2.
Attention Cheerleaders - Title is taken from an old myth, and while there is no scientific evidence, should not be taken seriously. Of the natural blonde cheerleaders we auditioned, all were incapable of farting, except those that had mechanical or electronic implants. However, no matter what color your hair, the world is a much better place because of you, much love.

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