What's New

* Retina support
* Multi-Tasking
* Several improvements and bug fixes
* English Phrases mode added (in settings) to switch between Arabic and English mode
* Edit mode now allows you to edit and update custom added phrases
* Night mode is now enabled between 12am to 6am
* Fixed inconsistent dates issue in Log view
* Log view password screen improved
* Arabic localization added

App Description

Islamic Prayer Beads ... have been reinvented.

iSubha offers you an intuitive interface for doing Tasbeeh whilst keeping track of their counts and times locked away in a private safe. iSubha has the following features to offer:

1. Comes preset with the most known Islamic praises, ready to be used out of the box. English Transliteration mode also available.

2. Provides the facility of adding custom phrases for Tasbeeh

3. A detailed Subha view where tapping on the screen counts as a single Tasbeeh. A counter along with a session timer is displayed.

4. You may pause or resume any session at any time

5. Idle time detection auto-pauses Subha view if not used for a configured amount of time

6. Full history view of all counts, times and tasbeehs performed. The history/log view can be configured with a Password.

7. Two customizable themes, along with a special Night theme that switches on automatically between 2:00am and 6:00am.

8. Fully customizable interface with configurable sounds and animations

9. Retina Support

10. Multi-Tasking

11. Tip: Shake in Subha view to cycle between available themes


1. 'Subha' is also referred to as 'Tasbeeh' in different parts of the Muslim World. 'Subha' are the traditional prayed beads in Arabic.

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iSubha: Islamic Prayer Beads screenshot 1 iSubha: Islamic Prayer Beads screenshot 2 iSubha: Islamic Prayer Beads screenshot 3 iSubha: Islamic Prayer Beads screenshot 4 iSubha: Islamic Prayer Beads screenshot 5

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