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politicoTracker is a News Discovery Tool designed to find timely news about any US elected official, and then discover new linkages between that person and other topics of interest.

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Macworld's Ben Boychuk:
"The app sorts in ways that Google simply cannot. And it sorts in fascinating ways."

"PoliticoTracker for the iPhone and iPod touch is a promising app..."

Twitter Edition: "You might make some interesting discoveries."

Thank you Macworld!

--- AppCraver.com added politicoTracker to their select list of "Worthwhile Apps".

"Political news junkies will enjoy politicoTracker for its ability to quickly aggregate news on their favorite (or least favorite) elected officials."

"The search is quite good and produced an interesting variety of information."

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---1st Impressions iPhone Blog
Daniel Eaton wrote:
"To say that this app is comprehensive is an understatement"

"...it does a lot more than just a web search on a politician"

"As a $10 app, the amount of information available is incredible"

Thank you Daniel!


politicoTracker ships with a complete database of 8000
US Federal, State, and local elected officials and appointees.

Using powerful object-based meta-data technology, politicoTracker news results are not only highly targeted, they can be easily cross-searched against a variety of other news "objects".

This ability to construct accurate, instantaneous groupings of news articles can bring to light "hidden" relationships you may not have been aware of - it is the essence of news discovery.

Possible groupings include (with examples):
-- World Regions
-- US States
-- Current Events (your State Governor and the economic stimulus)
-- Industries (your senator and the automotive industry)
-- Business Events (your congressman and plant and factory closures)
-- Publications (what is the Wall Street Journal saying about your politico?)
-- Government Agencies (President Obama and the Department of Treasury)

Each member of congress, governor, state representative, and other elected official can be searched in any of these ways. This is a time saving tool for anyone who is into politics or is part of the political arena.

Traditional search engines force you to know what you're looking for before you start your search. In contrast, politicoTracker's news categorizations have already mapped out the deep unseen relationships, so you can quickly find what you need to know, before you knew to look for it. This is a significant advancement in search technology, now publicly available to you in the palm of your hand.

politicoTracker is powered by Llesiant technology, which is currently in use at federal agencies, the department of defense, congressional offices, and major US corporations and law firms - helping their staff to keep track of issues that matter to them. Now that power is available to you, to help you keep track of our elected officials.

*** Free Sample Search ***
Please visit http://politicoTracker.com
for more information, including more screenshots and a free sample search, so you may experience for yourself the cutting edge of search technology.

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Rick Broida for CNET:
"In short, it's a pretty nifty app for politics junkies..."
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148Apps.com rated politicoTracker Twitter Edition:
5 stars ★★★★★ "Recommended"
Specifically, they said the app was:
"intuitive", "really cool", and "a well-planned app" that "makes easy work of staying abreast of political news"

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  • June 25, 2011 New version 1.8.1