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Through a combination of advanced gesture recognition algorithms and auditory feedback, DialX allows you to dial almost any phone number* without having to look at the iPhone's screen. It's sight- and eyes-free dialing for your phone!

Simply tap the screen once (for digits 1-9) or twice (for zero and other advanced functionality) and swipe your finger in the general direction of a digit you want to dial. Lift the finger from the phone's screen, and the digit is added to your number.

When you are ready to dial, simply tap on the screen three time in succession to make DialX take you to the standard iPhone phone application. It's that easy!

With DialX, there's no need to memorize a special gesture with every phone number. The same hand gestures are used to dial ANY combination of numbers. There's no other iPhone app like it.


- Sight-free dialing: ideal for dialing almost any number in situations in which you cannot easily look at the screen

- Easy to use: simply tap, swipe and release to dial a number

- Immediate auditory feedback: app reads back your commands and numbers in a pleasant, high-quality synthesized voice

- Fast, adaptive response—dial as quickly and comfortably as your fingers allow

- Advanced commands: undo your mistakes by deleting single digits or the whole number

- Professional graphics and icon design

* Because of a security feature in the iPhone, numbers with star (*) and number sign (#) cannot be dialed with DialX.

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