What's New

In version 2.05 we've added a quick start video to help new players learn the object of the game and how to play it. Also added list of other apps created by our development team to the welcome screen. Finally we removed the embedded videos that were just taking up space on your iphone. So this version is less than 5 Meg versus 10 Meg for version 2.0.

LOOK FORWARD to v3.0: We are working a radically different upgrade where you will move the player by tilting your device. To make the game more challenging there will be obstacles and opponents that work against you.

App Description

HONESTLY, THIS GAME IS PRIMARILY INTENDED FOR KIDS or for those who still have a young sense of humor. It is a simple and easy game and is fun mainly because of the sounds it makes, just guess what those are :-) and the challenge of earning points as quickly as you can.

PLEASE TRY THE FREE VERSION before you purchase this game. The free version is JUICY FART LITE. It is not as fancy as this paid version but will help you decide if this game is for you.

IF YOU LIKE TO LAUGH AND YOU LIKE SIMPLE GAMES then this game will give you your money's worth. Juicy Fart is a hilarious board game with sounds and effects that are sure to tickle your funny bone. It's simple you have a player on a board with beans and gas-collectors. You move the player around to eat the beans and before he fills up with too much gas you move him to a gas-collector where he safely expels his gas and earns points. The object is reach that goal in the shortest amount of time.

THE OBJECT OF THE GAME is very simple. You are trying to beat your own time each time you play a game. The fun part of the game are the sounds and seeing how far you can go before your player rips a big one.

IF YOU DARE, turn on the sound and laugh at the wide variety of fart sounds the player makes when he reaches a gas collector station. From a babylike poof to a raucous butter bean fart the fun never ends.

WATCH the expression on your player’s face change as he builds up gas and his discomfort grows. If you fail to relieve him in time by getting to a gas collector, he rips a big one and you lose points.

NOTE ON RATING: this game contains mildly crude humor (farting). This may be offensive to some people and that should be respected. There is no derogatory, violent or sexual content.


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