App Description

Want Your Kids To Giggle With Delight?

BunnyFarts is pure and simple fun for children of all ages.

It is also easy to use, just tap on a bunny image and put a smile on someone's face today.

This version has more than 20 funny bunnies included
and, hey.. It Costs Less Than Bag Of 30 Chocolate Eggs and lasts more than twice as long!

Here's what a few of our Customers had to say:

"OK, my Mom just hates this hahaha"

"Our son is addicted to bunny farts... gee thanks"

"Hahaha you made an app that my children love - they laugh and grin from ear to ear especially when they see the blue bunny or the bunny with the duck. It keeps them busy and out of trouble at least for a few minutes"

Well, even though we are known as a Business App development company, we like to help kids too. After spending time with children in the neighborhood we realized that many of us (both kids and adults) could use a quick laugh and an occasional giggle. We tested something simple on the iPhone which was an instant hit with a 5 year old named Bunny... I kid you not. We still laugh out loud when we mention the story to others. You see, Bunny has this awesome giggle and sometimes, when she giggles she makes this other funny noise. The sound of that laughter melted us all completely so we included it in this App - let us know if you discover it. Hope it brightens your day too!

Sure, each of us has a different sense of humor but something interesting during our Beta Testing Phase got our attention and that was that 100% of our Testers either laughed out loud, smiled, giggled or chuckled when they tapped the bunny or watched a child tap the bunny. It really blew us away and we hope that you and your family enjoy it as well.

If you don't want to spend the $5 on a smile, how about selecting BunnyFarts Lite instead? BunnyFarts Lite has only one bunny, costs less than a dollar and we produced 5 different variations for you.

Because most talented artists and programmers do not work for free - we need to charge money for this app to cover the expense of producing it. If we are lucky enough to sell 2,500 apps we expect to break-even with zero profit so please, if you like what we are doing... help us to keep a few artists and programmers gainfully employed.

If you liked iFart, WhoopieCushion, iPoot, iWoopie and Atomic Fart then you will love the eye candy in this BunnyFarts series.

In case you are even remotely interested, here is how to say fart and flatulence in a few more languages:

Danish: prut
Dutch: scheet
French: péter
German: furzen, pupsen, miefen, sausen
Portugese: peido, peidar
Spanish: pedo
Swedish: fisa, fis, prutta
Swiss German: furzä

Just tap the bunny and smile or better yet show it to a few children and get some laughter going - great for sharing big ol' grins, smiles and happy times with everyone.

iPhone Screenshots

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BunnyFarts - fun for kids of all ages screenshot 1 BunnyFarts - fun for kids of all ages screenshot 2 BunnyFarts - fun for kids of all ages screenshot 3 BunnyFarts - fun for kids of all ages screenshot 4 BunnyFarts - fun for kids of all ages screenshot 5

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