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Fixed: Shake for random sound crash.
Updated for iOS 4.0!

App Description

These are some really gross sounds, sick, disgusting sounds most of your bodily functions...YUK!

Disgust your friends with these sick sounds.Call the boss and let him hear you puke when you call in sick.

Try these super cool features:

Set the sound to play after you leave the room with handy SOUND TIMER now or after delay
Place your phone on a table and ask someone to get it for you, then hear it puke when they pick it up activating the MOTION SENSOR after a movement.
Put it in your pocket let 'er rip when you raise your leg.
Put it in a quiet room and listen for it to belch when someone makes a noise or you clap your hands using the SOUND DETECTOR if the noise level increases.
Put your phone by the radio and it will when you turn the radio off and it gets quiet and the noise decreases.
Set the clock to a certain specific time for the sneeze with the ALARM CLOCK.
Make the fart repeat over and over again with the REPEATER.
Make it puke 1 - 60 times in a row for a birthday.
Surprise yourself with a random fart when you shake the phone using SHAKE.

Belches, Burps, Sneezes, Barfs, Pukes, Coughs, Vomiting, Farts, Hacking, Spitting, Gargling, Crying, Gas, Snot, Lugee, Snort, iFart, Gross, Sick, Disgusting, Booger, Snot, Vomit, 75,100,200,900 sounds, sound effects,sound fx, foley, puke,barf,crap,nasty, slime

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75 + Gross Sick Disgusting Sounds and Farts screenshot 1 75 + Gross Sick Disgusting Sounds and Farts screenshot 2 75 + Gross Sick Disgusting Sounds and Farts screenshot 3 75 + Gross Sick Disgusting Sounds and Farts screenshot 4 75 + Gross Sick Disgusting Sounds and Farts screenshot 5

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