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Minor update for bugfixes from previous update.

App Description

TouchTerm Pro provides a real alternative to using a laptop for remote server administration.

The motivation behind TouchTerm Pro is simple: the iPhone is a great device, but it's not great for typing commands at a shell prompt, nor using terminal-based editors! TouchTerm Pro transforms our iPhone-standard TouchTerm SSH client application into a powerful administration tool -- now you can do substantial work using your iPhone or iPod Touch, rather than just quick, emergency fixes.

In addition to everything offered in the standard version of TouchTerm, TouchTerm Pro features the following:

* Extensive Configurability: customize almost any aspect of the TT Pro interface, and manage Configuration Profiles to provide different settings for different servers and situations.

* Import / Export Configuration: backup your connection and configuration information, install add-ons from our website, download and share Keypads and Profiles with the TT community, or use a text editor to more easily set up complicated configuration or saved connections.

* Command Library: you can "re-program" the interface funcionality to suit your needs by referring to actions you do frequently: including sending characters or commands, changing the interface, sending e-mails...over 50 commands in all.

* Gesture Engine: TT Pro currently supports 94 different touch gestures (with more coming!), each of which can be customized to perform any of the available interface Actions.

* Auto-Completion: TT Pro includes the ability to index and remember everything you have typed or seen as output, and provide a popup list of available completions.

* Graphical Filesystem Navigation: never type "cd" on your iPhone again! Use the graphical, table-based interface for quickly navigating directories with a single tap.

* Custom Keypads: create and use any number of custom keypads, which can be overlaid on the terminal view and used in conjunction with, or instead of, the standard iPhone keyboard. You have complete control over the labels and actions associated with these keypads.

* Interface Features: Copy and Paste support, QuickZoom for quickly zooming in on an area of the display, E-Mail screen or clipboard contents, extensive Integrated Help.

* Advanced Features: Control over SSH compression and encryption settings, the ability to import private DSA/RSA authentication keys, and more.

* Unlimited Possibilites: the power of TT Pro is in your hands! The open-ended configuration means it's possible for you to create new and powerful ways to harness the Touch interface for your own particular needs.

The best way to understand the power of TouchTerm Pro is to see it in action: we highly recommend you take the video tour of TouchTerm Pro, available on our website.

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