App Description

ValueChips event application description
ValueChips event application is an application intended for use by attendees of the events and conferences. The application will be associated with an actual real-life event, such as a corporate annual event. Attendees of the real-life event will be directed to their event’s context.
The application is an event gamification that simulates a virtual cryptocurrency, which allows conference attendees to “win” and “redeem” the simulated cryptocurrency called ValueChips and get conference giveaways and gifts.
The ValueChips cryptocurrency has no monetary value whatsoever outside the scope of the event for which it is applied. The whole purpose behind the app is to setup a game that utilizes Blockchain technology to facilitate event interactions.
The following flows are supported by the application:
* Sign-up and user identity
Allow conference attendees to sign-up to the ValueChips event application by using their conference invitation email.
Only conference attendees should be able to sign-up.
* Winning ValueChips
During the conference, users will be able to participate in a kind of ‘treasure hunt’ activities confined to conference venue. When a player scans a printed QR code matching some particular activity, one receives the defined prize amount to one’s account. Activities and their rules are defined and validated on the server side and handled outside the application scope.
* Transferring ValueChips to another conference attendee
Every user should be able to transfer chips from his/her game-wallet to another player (signed-up user) by scanning the recipient’s identity QR code (displayed on the user’s profile page in the application) and specifying the amount of funds to transfer. After the operation is processed by the server, the sender and recipient game-wallet balances will be updated correspondingly.
* Redeeming ValueChips during conference
In order to redeem won ValueChips in return for conference prizes and giveaways (swag), users should visit one of the special “swag” booths on the conference floor and redeem their ValueChips in return for available products. Prizes are claimed by scanning the giveaway QR code in the booth. After processing the transaction on server side, the user application shows a digital proof of the operation and the user shall receive the requested prize from the booth operator.

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App Changes

  • June 13, 2018 Initial release