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Would you like to make social bridge more exciting? With conventional bridge scoring, the result is often that the couple with the best cards win. FAIRbridge’s scoring algorithm takes card quality into account when scoring a deal, so that the best players win instead. It also keeps track of conventional bridge scores, dealer and vulnerability, just like any other bridge scoring app.
FAIRbridge assigns a Target Score (par in golf terms) to the declaring couple, using high-card points, distribution points and the final bid. With 25 high-card points plus 2 distribution points (non-vulnerable) and a hearts contract, the Target Score will be close to 420, since this is the number of conventional bridge points you should get with those cards. The algorithm for finding the Target Score is based on an analysis of thousands of bridge hands, played in various tournaments.
The FAIRbridge score is calculated by comparing the conventional bridge score with the Target Score. An example: The declaring couple makes a contract of 4H (non-vulnerable), and therefore get 420 conventional bridge points. Please note that “Total Points” in the hands below refers to high-card points plus distribution points.
22-25 Total Points: High FAIRbridge score, since you made game with few Total Points.
26-28 Total Points: Close to zero FAIRbridge score, since you made game, which is to be expected with those cards.
33-36 Total Points: Very negative FAIRbridge score, since you should have made a slam with the cards you had. Making 4 hearts is simply not good enough.
Shows who is dealer and vulnerability.
Keeps track of conventional bridge score (duplicate bridge scoring)
Calculates the FAIRbridge score, which enables you to name the winning couple, based on skill, not card quality.
Shows average high-card points per couple
Shows number of hands played by each player, and in how many of these contracts were made.
So, why not add real competitiveness to your social bridge game and find out who *really* played the best, by using FAIRbridge?

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App Changes

  • December 07, 2017 Initial release