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A Pathfinder Collectible Card Game licensed by Paizo. Start an adventure with your companions in Golarion!

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Unsheath your cards and ready your spells! In Pathfinder Duels, you must use your wits in a fast-paced, fantasy card game full of deadly creatures and ancient magic. Unleash powerful cards upon your foes as you fight them using the unique simultaneous turn-style battle system. Enjoy a CCG inspired by the Pathfinder Universe. Whether noob or pro, Pathfinder Duels has a spot for you at the table.

[Game Features]

Simultaneous Turns
Opponents will choose cards simultaneously before their strategies play out on the battlefield. You must outwit your opponent…as they outwit you.

Iconic Hero Cards
Build your deck around legendary Iconic Heroes from the Pathfinder universe. Buff them for battle by equipping them with various gear obtained from your adventures.

Trading Cards
Trade valuable materials obtained through duels with your fellow guild members to craft rare and powerful cards. Use them to unleash devastation upon your opponents!

Mighty Dragons
Summon mighty dragons to fight by your side with special dragon cards. Although they take up the whole battlefield, they will also engulf your enemies in flames of fury!

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App Changes

  • January 04, 2018 Initial release


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