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West strike ten spring and autumn, way back to Changan by the bull, all people in the world who? Look at the monkey run. Han dynamic information card game "run Wukong" invites you to open your brave journey to the west!
"Running Wukong" is a classic "journey to the west" as the background of the card type mobile phone online games. The game selects the hole hole, the Flaming Mountains, the lion camel ridge and so on familiar place story as the game level. In the game, game player will play host for a variety of mountain caves, journey to the West in the role as the apprentice, the building of their own caves, recapture lost scriptures......
[game features]
"A drop of props all cards as the conscience of" a journey to the West
Mall to sell all props, can be obtained through daily tasks, play or copy, etc., to meet the needs of more players on the game props.
"A beast for beast -- three innovative gameplay system of" a
Game player collection can be used not only to fight against the beast, and his apprentice, but also fit.
"A gorgeous gorgeous exclusive magic effects -- effects of" a magic weapon
Apprentice has its own exclusive magic weapon, not only can cause a ton of battle damage, as well as gorgeous combat effects.
"A lot of fetters Zhenfa to create exclusive lineup of" a collocation
Relying on the powerful method of fate, you can receive an additional BUFF bonuses, different game player can create their own exclusive lineup.
"A new journey to recapture the adventure --" a book to save the common people
Learn to master four, on the way encountered a bull fight, let the Scriptures scattered, a new adventure journey begins. Incredible story, intense adventure battle, experience the real running wukong.
The Au cents: the creation of xianmeng, invited three game player and common development, more copies of war raging passion.
The altar altar collection: Battle of wits wits three master, beat the opponent standing at the top of the whole service by the altar of wits, pay homage to game player.
The ginseng fruit: grow your own celestial Shenguo, every successful cultivation of one thousand years, the output can be over 4 times, props to get soft resources.
The beast strikes: full service game player together kill the human world infested animal, each kill can obtain the rich full service reward, with higher reward more.
The apprentice: adventure journey of the long way, can be recruited to his disciples through adventure, fought into the West journey.
Please treasure: a collection of different pieces of Canon map, get their own jewelry classics.
The field trials: gold, fire, wind, yin and yang. Different conditions and different tactics, give full play to the players tactical lineup.
We played more of this kind of journey to the West Mobile Games, can actually let my eyes bright, the Chinese Mobile Games to design this, I feel very good.
The style is elegant, beautiful figure, key props basic can get the game, the game does not pit, praise.

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App Changes

  • May 19, 2017 Initial release